Single Hung Window
Top sash is fixed and bottom sash is movable - both sashes are of equal size.

Click on the small window photo to see details of that style. Click on the large window photo to see it full screen.


  Low maintenance, multi-chamber vinyl for long life
  High-performance LoE2 270 glass for superior thermal values
  Welded 90 mil frame and sash for exceptional strength
  Heavy duty balance system for smooth operation
  Triple weather-stripping for added protection
  Recessed tilt latch for a cleaner look
  Cam action locks for peace of mind
  Full sash interlock for a tighter seal
  Built-in sash lift rail for stronger support
  Tilt-in sash for easy cleaning

Triple pane glass and window vent night stops are available.


“I looked over the Parco windows with infrared, and their performance was excellent. They were well designed.
I can honestly say that, in the buildings we’ve tested with Parco windows in them, we rarely see any air leakage issues.”

- Dave Hepfler, Harmony Energy Factor Systems

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